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Duchovny, on the other hand, was teasing when asked whether there will be more of “The X-Files” after the revival season.

At the moment, the six new episodes are the only official episodes in the works, but star David Duchovny left the door open for more.

The key voice in this clip is that of the Smoking Man, the enigmatic villain played by William B. Davis. What’s worse, they claim the “new characters are treated as stereotypes”, and “much of the plot itself was too convoluted”.

The audience packing a ballroom at Javits Center was jazzed for the USA premiere of Episode 1 of 6 in The X-Files miniseries, after a world premiere screening earlier this in Cannes at Mipcom.

Carter noted that only the first episode and the sixth episode will deal with the overarching X-Files mythology, while the middle four episodes will be monster-of-the-week standalone episodes. When the show first went off the air, we were putting all our faith in the government after 9/11. Episode writers are Darin Morgan, James Wong and Glen Morgan.

The season premiere, called “My Struggle“, comes 13 years after the last episode of Season 9 when the Federal Bureau of Investigation officially shut the X-Files project down for good. After that, we head straight into a flashback to 1947, with a UFO crash-landing in the New Mexico desert. O’Malley, by the way, is kind of a cross between Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, although as he contemptuously tells Scully, “What O’Reilly knows about the truth could fill an eyedropper”. Scully remains somewhat the same, although now she is a surgeon instead of an Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent. Mulder and Scully will agree to reform their duo of investigators to elucidate this troublesome story.

Is your mind blown yet? “I just do The X-Files.” . The crash itself is a big, flashy effects sequence, higher-end than anything from the original show. What I can say is the motivation for these characters is grounded squarely in actions taking place off screen, and that, in and of itself, is a huge problem for the current show. In the opening episode, Mulder and Scully take on a case of a possible alien abductee. Kumail Nanjiani, the moderator for NYCC agrees with Carter. In his first scene back with Duchovny, Mulder comes to visit his old office: pencils stuck in the ceiling and his “I want to believe” poster ripped on the floor. “[Chris] did an awesome job”. Duchovny also spoke about getting his “Mulder flow” back in terms of his line delivery while Pileggi was particularly proud of a line he ad-libbed for the premiere episode during a confrontation between Skinner and Mulder. But he also expressed excitement at what’s to come.

In the present day, Mulder and Scully are very much not together, and their X-Files lives are long over.



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