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“We must ask ourselves, are we truly alone?” says David Duchovny in his role as small-chinned but smouldering Fox Mulder in the cool new trailer for The X Files.

There’s zero hand-holding from that point on, though; suddenly we’re launched into the X-Files’ most ambitious storyline ever, revolving around a mind-bending global web of government and corporate lies that one character (conservative Internet news network host Tad O’Malley, played by Community’s Joel McHale) calls “the most evil conspiracy the world has ever known”.

Before History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” there was “The X-Files” back in the early to late 90s.

While we have to wait a few more months before finding out if Chris Carter’s X-Files revival series is a hit or a miss, Fox continues to smash it out of the park in terms of promotional hype for the sci-fi reboot. The event was well attended and included the appearance of Chris Carter, the creator of the show, David Duchovny, and Mitch Pileggi. No longer with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Scully has found work at a D.C. hospital and only has occasional contact with Mulder, whose loss of objective since the X-Files shuttered has sent him into an isolating depression.

The news got a mixed reaction from fans at Comic-Con, but Carter said he wanted to be realistic. Carter shared his hope at MIPCOM that it might live on, and Duchovny didn’t object to the notion of doing more. Carter said “more clues are provided throughout the episode”, Entertainment Weekly reported

Since X-Files ended, Duchovny had a seven-season run on Californication, and at present is toplining the NBC period drama Aquarius. He said that it just felt right to be getting this show back on TV. It was the first time Pileggi and Duchovny had seen the episode. ‘We knew we need to make a statement, we needed to be bold, and we need to show we’re back’.

Still here? Okay, so Season 10, Episode 1 opens with a lengthy expository sequence during which Mulder narrates his personal history with the X-Files, and then jumps even further back in time to outline the history of alien activity in America.

“I like it because i think it makes sense and it shows the characters have been living their lives and growing while we haven’t been watching them”.

‘I’m very, very sorry not to be with you this evening, this day. The show went into production in June for the event and will wrap up fairly quickly overall considering its length in comparison to other series. Footages were released in August which showed the two protagonists fighting about their separation which fans of the show did not take too kindly. “I got older, I can’t help it. If I could’ve stayed 30 years old, believe me – for the fans, I would’ve done it”.

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