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A lie is most convincingly hidden between two truths, and new video of Mulder and Scully in action is most awesomely tacked on to the end of an X-Files re-watch promo.

On Tuesday, Fox released the video above to alert fans to “201 Days of The X-Files,” a social media-supported, episode-a-day viewing of the supernatural series. And after about 30 seconds of old clips, the network snuck in a first glimpse of the former (?) Feds in action.

In the scant frames, Scully and Mulder are in their element: entering a dark room, flashlights and guns drawn, Scully looking slightly horrified by what she sees. It’s just like the old days!

The six-episode continuation premieres Sunday, Jan. 24.

Source: [VIDEO] ‘The X-Files’ 2015: First Footage of Mulder and Scully | TVLine

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