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06/06/2015  •  Posted By admin  •  0 Comment(s) Press Revival News

TVLine is reporting that the second episode of the upcoming six-episode season for “The X-Files” will be a sequel to “Home”, the highly acclaimed episode from the fourth season.

The reasoning for this comes from two pieces of evidence:
1) The episode’s name is “Home Again”.
2) The writer/director of the episode is Glen Morgan, who, along with James Wong, wrote the “Home” episode.

“Home” is considered by many to be one of the greatest episodes in the sci-fi/horror drama series. It follows Mulder and Scully as they investigate the death of an infant born with severe birth defects. This leads them to the home of The Peacocks, a family of deformed farmers. Things get very scary and strange in this episode, which was the first, and apparently only, of the series to warrant a TV-MA rating.

The new season of The X-Files will air in early 2016.

Source: “The X-Files” Episode “Home” May Be Getting A Sequel!

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