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Reportedly the black levels on both the season 8 shipped with the Complete Series Bluray Set and the individual Season 8 Bluray Set were authored with incorrect black levels.

More information and comparison screenshots of determine whether your set is affected is available at

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I’m not sure whether this is official and not just a rumour, but lists The X Files coming out on Bluray on December 8, 2015 in Canada. I don’t usually post rumours, but I think and hope this is real because it’d be perfect timing marketing and hype wise considering Christmas and then the Revival premiering in January.

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The X Files is now up on Hulu in HD.

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According to HD Report, complete season 1 is now available on Netflix in HD.

If you’re a big fan of Chris Carter’s X-Files television series from the nineties, or heard about the show and want to see what it’s all about, now might be a great time. Netflix is streaming the entire first season of X-Files in HD resolution. And, since X-Files has only been available in 4:3 format (the old, more square format of the tube TV days), the high definition version of the series in 16×9 aspect ratio gives the show a whole new cinematic look.

In total, there are nine seasons of The X-files TV show, as well as three two full-length movies. But while the films have already been released to Blu-ray Disc, 20th Century Fox has yet to bring the television series to high definition.Right now, Netflix only has the first 23 episodes of Season 1 in HD, but they plan on improving the quality of more seasons in the future. Netflix suggests bandwidth of at least 5.0 Megabits per second for HD in 720p resolution.

The X-Files stars Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully, and David Duchovny as Fox Mulder. The series, that began in 1993, has won five Golden Globes.

Source: Netflix now streaming The X-Files: Season 1 in HD – HD Report

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Netflix is updating everyone’s favorite 90’s sci-fi drama, The X-Files, by streaming it in HD as of today. Now, you can see Scully and Mulder in remastered footage that adds more color and details to every scene. The original airings look downright blurry compared to what goes on the air today. Perhaps, Netflix is realizing that there is a renewed interest in the 90’s paranormal drama. The streaming company wouldn’t be the first to catch on, considering that FOX is giving the people what they want by bringing back Scully and Mulder for a six-episode renewal.

I have to admit, it’s a bit strange to see my favorite characters more clearly than I could ever remember. 90’s television seemed to be imbued with a certain atmosphere of dulled colors and fuzzy clarity. Seeing Anderson and Duchovny wearing 90’s era suits in HD puts a modern twist on the nostalgia.

The original episodes aired in 4:3 format, but the HD versions are widescreen which implies that it was all shot in widescreen and clipped down for TV.

In the rare case that you don’t have Netflix and you still need your X-Files fix, you can go over to Hulu, where all of the episodes are available, but you won’t find them in HD.

If you don’t have time to watch all 202 episodes before the show returns from its lengthy hiatus, check out our primer on series. You can watch all 13 episodes of the first season in HD. There is no word yet on whether Netflix plans to stream HD episodes from other seasons.

Source: The Verge

Source: Go ahead and stream ‘The X-Files’ in HD on Netflix – SlashGear