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02/16/2016  •  Posted By admin  •  0 Comment(s) HD News The X Files

Reportedly the black levels on both the season 8 shipped with the Complete Series Bluray Set and the individual Season 8 Bluray Set were authored with incorrect black levels.

More information and comparison screenshots of determine whether your set is affected is available at

12/28/2015  •  Posted By admin  •  0 Comment(s) The X Files

10/02/2015  •  Posted By admin  •  0 Comment(s) HD News The X Files

I’m not sure whether this is official and not just a rumour, but lists The X Files coming out on Bluray on December 8, 2015 in Canada. I don’t usually post rumours, but I think and hope this is real because it’d be perfect timing marketing and hype wise considering Christmas and then the Revival premiering in January.

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