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01/24/2016  •  Posted By admin  •  0 Comment(s) Gillian Anderson Press
The award-winning actress discusses the return of Dana Scully in Fox’s beloved supernatural series and her epic battle to be treated equally on the show.

Gillian Anderson was just 25 years old when she walked into a Los Angeles office to audition for the role of Special Agent Dana Scully, a medical doctor and FBI agent tasked with using hard science to disprove the alien conspiracy mumbo-jumbo of her partner, Fox Mulder.

David Duchovny—then 33 and known mostly for hosting Showtime’s cheesy erotic drama Red Shoe Diaries—charmed producers first (“he was so intelligent and wry,” remembersDanielle Gelber, Fox’s former director of drama development). He’d already landed the role of Mulder by the time he first read lines with Anderson in a hallway outside the offices of Fox network execs.

“I have only a very vague memory of him. I remember the hallway quite well!” Anderson says, phoning from Los Angeles the morning after the Golden Globes. “But I don’t know what I thought of him. He was very charming, I do remember that.”

She pauses, then remembers something else: “But I think he’d just been charming to another girl right beforehand.” How very Mulder, I say, as Anderson breaks into guffaws. “Yeah. I think I went in a little bit wary of his charm.”

Anderson and Duchovny’s legendarily potent onscreen pairing—rife with sexual tension yet ambiguous enough that a simple embrace could leave fans swooning for days—has been the object of heated obsession for decades, ever since The X-Files, a show that transformed serialized TV and elevated the potential of genre storytelling, premiered in 1993.

Tales of alien abductions, malicious government conspiracies, shadowy figures, and a plot to take over Earth drove the series’ “mythology” arc, in which Mulder (a believer) and Scully (a skeptic) hunted down the truth about what really happened to Mulder’s missing little sister.

But it was the unexpected magnetism between Anderson and Duchovny that truly gave the show its rabid appeal.

01/24/2016  •  Posted By admin  •  0 Comment(s) David Duchovny Gillian Anderson Press

Last July, we traveled to the set of The X-Files to check out the revival first-hand and speak with stars David Duchovny (Fox Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully). Duchovny and Anderson were in the middle of shooting the monster-of-the-week episode, “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster,” written by Darin Morgan.

During a break in filming, Duchovny and Anderson sat down with TV Guide Magazine/TV Insiderto discuss what it took to bring the agents back, the show’s new mythology and guest stars, and why they didn’t want the 2008 movie The X-Files: I Want to Believe to be the end of the franchise.

Here’s an edited version of that chat. (Anderson had to leave the interview early in order to shoot a scene.)

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Fans of The X-Files remember Dana Scully as an intellectually rigorous, science-minded investigator of the supernatural possibilities, skeptical (aliens? proof please!) yet open-minded about far-out possibilities (including God), and passionate about truth, justice and the man with whom she shared an intimate rapport on multiple levels. So much to discuss about what’s inside the mind and heart of this extraordinary and complex woman – and yet what fans really want to talk about  right now is what’s on top of her head. Because fans also remember Scully for her red hair, yet the pictures they’ve been seeing so far from the set of the event series revival of the seminal sci-fi series show a Scully that is more strawberry blonde. They’ve been equally fixated on the fact that the actress who plays Scully, Gillian Anderson, is wearing a wig instead of dying her hair. Such is the fraught reality of being a pop culture icon. Love ya, Scully! Don’t ever change, Scully. DON’T. EVER. CHANGE.

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The X Files‘ Dana Scully is officially back to work, but she almost slept through her alarm clock.

“It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve played her,” says Gillian Anderson of her role in Fox’s hotly anticipated, six-episode revival of the sci-fi franchise. “I can’t remember what year the movie was, but it felt like [Scully] was further away from me than I’d thought she would be. But I’ve also worked really hard at putting her entirely to sleep, so that was successful; she’s just taken longer to wake up.”

Anderson has only seen the first two revival scripts — the third is sitting in her inbox, she admits — and while the experience has been a good one, it’s also “strange to be back here,” she says. “This is a lot of flashbacks, a lot of deja vu, a lot of remembering dynamics — and it’s… a thicker substance to wade through than I’d thought.”

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“We were not outcasts, but awards were not necessarily a shoo-in for us by any stretch.”

“The X-Files” isn’t just the series that brought Gillian Anderson her first Emmy, it was also her first major job in show business. Since then Anderson has emerged as a major force on television and the stage in both the U.S. and U.K. She earned a fifth Emmy nom for PBS mini “Bleak House” and currently stars on Netflix’s “The Fall” and NBC’s “Hannibal.” Next year, she’ll reprise her breakout role as Dana Scully for Fox’s “X-Files” limited series revival.

What do you remember about going to the Emmys for the first time?
I have the worst memory known to mankind, but for somebody coming from Grand Rapids, Mich., going to those events and being nominated amongst great people — back then it was Julianna Margulies, Christine Lahti — it was terrifying, and amazing and exciting. I think the Emmys was the first time I met Jodie Foster. She came up and said she was a fan, and that was a really big deal.

Since “The X-Files” filmed in Canada did it feel like your chance to interact with the industry?
It was literally the only chance. The SAGs, Emmys and Golden Globes were the only events when I had any contact with other actors other than co-stars on the show.

What was the feedback like?
People were obsessed with the show, there was a lot of love coming our way. But remember it was a bit of a sleeper hit. I think it properly took off in the third season. We were — not outcasts — but (awards) were not necessarily a shoo-in for us by any stretch. And certainly because of the nature of the subject matter, in the same way people don’t often get nominated in science-fiction films. You don’t think of performance in that genre.

Helen Mirren presented your award.
I do remember that, which is so ironic now with the connections drawn between “The Fall” and “Prime Suspect.” I was a huge fan, still am, and blown away, flattered, everything you can imagine that she was the one presenting it.

Has your approach to award shows changed over the years?
I took my daughter to the Olivier Awards (this year) and had a ball. I had a ball before and after I lost. I think I’ve gotten better. In the beginning my nerves got the best of me. I felt so much like a fish out of water. I didn’t know how to stand, my face started to ache after a while on the red carpet from all the smiling, I didn’t know how to answer questions. I think it’s literally taken me 20 years to figure out how to do an interview on the red carpet. It’s also taken me that long to figure out what to wear. The whole time I was on “The X-Files” and beyond, I don’t know what I was thinking. It’s not just looking back at a style that doesn’t exist now. These are choices I made that will never be in style.

Source: Gillian Anderson On ‘X-Files’ Emmy Win, Learning To Handle the Red Carpet | Variety

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